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High Class London Escort

I want to let you know that I am grateful for taking your time to know me better, and for that I want to say, “Thank you.” I am a London.-based escort and sensual massage girl, but I am willing to travel nationally and internationally upon request. To my life are many facets, and tend to enjoy a range of activities. Because of this I have had the rare opportunity of entertaining and travelling with a few fascinating gentlemen of this world. Should you choose me to accompany you to your visits, expect that our time together will be more than a session; it will be an experience!

Not only do I possess an advanced degree, I have also travelled extensively – both within and abroad. From the popular European cities to the less travelled Estonia and Czech Republic, I’m well travelled. I would, however, love to visit India and Russia, without forgetting Orient Express’s splendour. I possess a current passport and will provide a delightful travel company and companionship.

When I want to get away, I enjoy playing tennis, horseback riding, hiking, snow skiing, and travelling. Other hobbies include listening to music, reading quality books, and spending time alone too. Not only am I a wine enthusiast, but also a wine collector. And while Italian reds remain my favourite, my list is always growing. As a sports enthusiast my favourite activities include college basketball, football, tennis, motor racing, and horse racing. Since we should never forget to give back to or appreciate the community, I also spend some time as a volunteer.

You will find me discreet, passionate, intelligent, mature, and discriminating.

Until we meet............

Magical Massages

My Tantra sessions follow the mantra "stop thinking and start feeling". Getting a Tantric massage from this sexy and exotic masseuse makes you sensually aware of your feelings and now you will be able to express that renewed vitality in you. Tantra is a way of life that has been practiced over the ages whose aim is to banish away all negative feelings and energy, one massage stroke at a time. Sexual energy is a primary manifestation in anyone's life and developing it takes patience and understanding of the internal energies everyone possesses, here is where I come to your aid, so why not meet me and experience life changing sessions?

My massages are never rushed and a little creativity and innovation is encouraged because we understand that no two clients have the same preferences. The special touches heal your body off muscular fatigue as all your worries ebb away and your mind gets submerged into a relaxed, sensual session where all inhibitions are broken as I use my seductive body to charm yours, the soft touches to all parts of your body as an exotic beauty rubs her body into yours will make you wish the feeling never ends. Sadly, it will, but the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes afterwards is of epic proportions.

Warm Hugs and Kisses,

Yours Lucy

Tel. 07706721846